Monday, April 6, 2009

Final Proposal and Image Examples

Natalie Hammers
Photo Final Proposal
Up Close & Personal
The purpose of this series is to magnify simple everyday objects that inhibit our bathroom medicine cabinets. A documentary of still life images, mostly “macro” such as Chapstick, tweezers, nail clippers, make up, jewelry, prescription pills and anything else I can find.
I would probably use 400 speed film because I do not yet have a tripod and I’m afraid to use any other speed for the time being. Other technical considerations would be that I do not have a tripod to stay still enough in the bathroom, which I expect to have very low light.
To display this series, I would love to mount it on hexagonal boards that reflect the tiles in my bathroom, and then connect them like a honeycomb, but I think that would take away from the images. It would also be interesting to mount them, and then display them with some kind of tape…maybe like that medical tape that comes with gauze that’s found under the sink. The tape would be small rough strips diagonal to the corners. I’ll probably display it in a square, four by two- or in a straight line.
1. As a display, are these pictures boring?
2. Do these images represent things you would find in a bathroom?

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  1. I think your lighting needs work. Several of them are underexposed. But as far as subject matter and interest, I like them! I would suggest a few more articles, like make-up, razors, perfume, deoderant, etc.